Wine region Podravje

The Podravje wine region is located in the northeast of Slovenia and is divided into two wine regions: Štajerska Slovenija (Slovenian Styria) and Prekmurje. It is famous for its elegant, single-varietal white and varietal wines, which are highlighted by the Pannonian lowland climate.

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Wine region Posavje

The Posavje wine region is located in southeastern Slovenia and is divided into three wine-growing areas: Bizeljsko-Sremič, Dolenjska and Bela krajina. Here the vineyards are planted on steep slopes of picturesque hills, where the vines grow mainly on marl and sandstone, but also on older rocks such as dolomite.

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Wine region Primorska

The Primorska wine region is located in the southwest of Slovenia, and is divided into four wine growing areas: the Vipava valley, Slovenian Istria, Goriška brda and the Karst. Due to the strong influence of the Mediterranean climate, Slovenian red wines are best known in the interior of the country.

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Wine region of Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful country in the heart of Europe with a natural and cultural diversity, attractively situated between the four major European natural areas. The above-mentioned location of Slovenia has an influence on the extraordinary variety of wines, which is due to the diversity of habitats as well as to the favorable weather conditions of the Mediterranean and continental climate over the Pannonian Plain. Even the ancient Celts recognized that the above-mentioned interweaving of climatic influences and soil characteristics allows for a great diversity in the range of wines, which is why Slovenia, with its millennia of rich wine history, is one of the wine-producing countries rich in tradition.

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